7 Best Truth or Dare Apps for Android

Every house party of all time unfailingly had one game – Truth or Dare. Enjoyed especially by youngsters, this game has seen decades of parties. It becomes a source of entertainment for both small as well as large gatherings. If you wish to know someone, this game helps you get to know them better in a fun way. You know the basic rule right? You spin the bottle, the person its top points to has to choose between ‘truth or dare’. If they choose truth, the person towards the tail of the bottle (or whoever your group chooses to) would ask one question to them that they have to answer truthfully. If a dare is chosen, a task is given that they have to perform. The game playfully breaks the ice between friends every single time. Android phones are coming with numerous ways of integrating the Truth or Dare game into mobile gaming. Some of them have successfully crafted some android apps as well. You can check out a huge collection of such apps at APKDyno. Below are the 7 best ‘truth or dare’ apps for android that you can download and make the centre of your next party. 1. Truth or Dare: Party GameTruth or Dare: Party GameAn extremely simple interface, the ‘Truth or Dare: Party Game’ app brings you a huge collection of truths and dares to add fun to your party. It has 3 modes – kids, teen and adult. You need to choose one of these modes and the app would bring the perfect game for you. If you don’t like the questions, you can as well feed your own questions to the app. This way, you get a personalised truth or dare app of your own. 2. Truth or Dare: Spin the BottleTruth or Dare: Spin the BottleThe traditional truth or dare is now available on your android phone. ‘Truth or Dare: Spin the Bottle’ is your own party pumper that pretty much leaves no requirement of a bottle. Like the first one, this app also features three modes – kids, teens and adults. This app has over 2500 different truths and dares to choose from. It also allows you to feed players’ names individually. The app comes free of cost, so you can be carefree about the expenses. 3. Truth or Dare? The Dare GameTruth or Dare? The Dare GameDidn’t you always want to know your friends’ deepest darkest secrets? ‘Truth or Dare? The Dare Game’ is the perfect app for you. It is just the kind of truth or dare game that you have always wanted. It is not just about getting to know a single person anymore. This game is the next level. Now you would be able to encounter the weirdest sides of your friends. Ask the most embarrassing questions of all times. 4. Spin the Bottle by Ciliz Co. Ltd.Spin the Bottle by Ciliz Co. Ltd.Unlike the previous apps, this one is more of an online platform. With ‘Spin the Bottle by Ciliz Co. Ltd.’ you can play the traditional bottle spinning game and send them stickers and kisses. You can play this game with your friends as well as strangers. This app is absolutely free. Once you log yourself in through your Facebook or Odnoklassniki account, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a group of people already playing the game. You know the rest!5. Truth Or Dare by Simya Solutions Ltd.Truth Or Dare by Simya Solutions Ltd.The same truth or dare game with a slight twist, this android app can easily kill time for you. You can know interesting facts about your friends and also share your stories. This app has three difficulty levels – easy, medium and difficult. If you don’t like the questions, you can also feed questions of your own to the app’s database. The rest of the game is the same. You have to take turns to ask questions or give dares. 6. Truth or Dare by Vanilla b.v.Truth or Dare by Vanilla b.v.This one is also a truth or dare game with similar difficulty levels – beginners, experienced and experts. It has fun questions and challenges that can easily brighten up the mood of any party. It also has a few categories to choose from which are Classic, Kiss and Tell, Extreme, Couples and, many more. Download the app on your phone and explore more. 7. Truth Or Dare for Adults & CouplesTruth Or Dare for Adults & CouplesThe final android truth or dare app on our list is ‘Truth Or Dare for Adults & Couples’. It is yet another party gaming app that can brighten up any party or gathering. Personalised categories, questions and dares can be added to the game. This game can be played with as many people as you want. Final WordsNow that you have a whole collection of truth or dare games, you can install and choose one for each party of yours. These are the top 7 android truth or dare apps that we find to be the most interesting ones available right now.Like this:Like Loading…Related

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Updated: April 8, 2021 — 8:12 am

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