Best Tablet for Watching Movies 2021 [March Updated]

Are you a movie buff and in search of the best tablet to watch movies? Do you want to feel that fantastic movie experience sitting at your home or anywhere you are? You are at the right place. Our listed devices will, for sure help you get the best one for you. No doubt there are several tablets available in the market, all under different brand names. But not all of them are the right choice for you. Not all of them are good to use and worthy of investing your hard-earned money.Whether you choose action, comedy, documentaries, cartoons, news or something in between, you know you want sustainable battery life, vibrant colors, and elegant looking screen, all of these packed in a beautiful design device. Here we will enlist the best tablets available in the market for watching movies. The article is going to help you a lot to get a suitable one for you. Selecting a tablet is not that tough of a task but choosing the right one is. But you don’t need to worry as here will enlist only the best tablet available so far.There are certain things that your tablet should have in it.Long battery life.Big screen size.Good processor.Amazing looks.There are several other things that you would want to consider when selecting the tablet of your choice. They are- color, brand name, storage size, design, lightweight, easy to operate, excellent display, and so on. We have selected the best of tablets available, with the best of features mentioned above and listed below with their pros, cons, description and much more. Hence in this article, we will show you the best tablets for watching movies and browsing the internet.Best Tablets For Watching Movies:Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Tablet for Watching Movies:There are certain things that every good tablet should have. We will elaborate below all those features in detail. When looking for a suitable tablet to buy, your decision should pretty much depend on the following features:Operating systemSize and Aspect RatioResolutionBatteryOperating systemPreviously, there were five tablets operating system available in the marketApple’s iOS.Google’s Android.Microsoft’s Windows.RIM’s BlackBerry Tablet OS.HP/Palm’s Web OS.Recently only three of them are operational, they are:Apple’s iOS.Google’s Android.Microsoft’s Windows.Here’s a quick exploration of each one of them.AndroidThis OS has the most significant potential for spreading in the market due to its high compatibility, open-source nature, budget-friendly, user-friendly with fewer restrictions on the usage. It is an OS of choice for some of the best brands in the market. This is a good OS for the tech-savvy people and hackers who like to have freedom in their usage. It is an appropriate choice even for the non-tech savvy crowd who are looking to an alter-friendly to the costly iPad.ProsOpen-source.Expandable storage.Wider choices of phones.A large number of users.Easily available.ConsHigh chances of malware.Patchy support.Different interface for tech-savvy.It has no special features for the disabled population.iOSThe iOs is a prevalent operating system. It has a fantastic user experience which you cannot get over with Apple’s iOS is undoubtedly trained to be the best. IOS provides the highest security to users.ProsApple itself optimizes its hardware and software.Curated app StoreVery few chances of malware.Good user support.Special features for disabled persons.ConsCan’t extend storage.The service provider has control over application and content.Not an open-source.Limited customization.WindowsThe most significant breakthrough with this OS is that it does everything that a computer does. It is an advanced and user-friendly OS.ProsSeamless workflow.Full desktop experience.Huge variety.ConsVulnerable to viruses.Comparatively less user-friendly.Mobile application support.Lack of accessories.Size and Aspect RatioA tablet with a large display size will ensure that you see your favourite actors clearly on the screen. Nowadays, 7 inches become too small for a tablet as smartphones are available at nearly the same size. Also, anything higher than 11 inches might become challenging to carry. Although the big screen tablets are also more comfortable to hold and you can position them comfortably at any viewing angle. Tablets usually come with a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.ResolutionHD is not the only high-quality display available in the market anymore. Classic HD is 720p, while FHD is 1080p. Ultra HD is an amazing 4K screen (hard to find those on tablets). Retina display is available with Apple devices that consist of high pixel counts. Your tablet should be at least 1080p & have good storage, if you use it specifically for downloading movies in HD quality.BatteryTablets are tested for their battery life by running video in a continuous loop while the device in an aeroplane mode, so you can expect the battery estimates to be accurate. But watching videos is a pretty high battery drain, so make sure you choose something to withstand your longest marathon.Best Tablets For Watching Movies – Pros & Cons1. Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB)The device consists of Apple’s most advanced technology which will provide you with fantastic user experience. The Apple iPad Pro has an excellent multitasking experience which will help you smoothly conduct multiple works simultaneously.Key Features9-inch screen.Face ID unlocking.It has two cameras equipped with Smart HDR.It has an advanced liquid retina display.Faster than a PC and laptop.12MP back camera, 7MP front camera.Four speaker audio.Apple iOS 12.1 operating system.A12X Bionic processor.4G connectivity.Product Review and DescriptionThe Apple iPad Pro is one of the best devices of its kind. It is included with multiple hi-tech features. This is the largest and most powerful device from Apple. This will give a smooth workflow even for the most complex of tasks. The device is available in two size variants: the 12.9-inch version, and an 11-inch version. The storage options available are 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB with a massive 1TB of built-in storage. Its 2732×2048 resolution gives a pin-sharp look.The brightness and P3 full-colour display make everything gorgeous. It has a color adjustment feature which matches the lighting temperature of the room you’re in. It is very kind to the eyes. To unlock the screen, it has face ID unlocking replacing the home button. It has a powerful stereo sound system which is loud whichever way you hold it. This has a huge battery life which also charges fast. It is an insanely fabulous and powerful device that will give you a fantastic user experience.ProsBeautiful and sleek design.Security of Apple’s iOS.Wi-Fi enabled.Exceptional audio.Incredibly quick.ConsiOS is not flexible.It does not have 3.5mm jack.Battery capacity lowers with use.Packed with Apple’s iOS and most powerful security, it is one of the most amazing and powerful tablets available in the market. Use it for watching movies, gaming, reading or in anything in between, it will surely provide you with fantastic user experience. With stable battery life and excellent storage, you can use smoothly in the long run.Buy Now From Amazon2. Apple iPadThe Apple iPad is an incredibly faster and efficient device. It helps you do several of your tasks simultaneously and smoothly. The device is engineered for the best quality performance, and it keeps the word.Key FeaturesCompatible with Bluetooth keyboards.4G enabled.It has up to 10-hour battery life.Touch ID fingerprint sensor.Two speaker audio.iOS 12 operating system.8 MP rear and 1.2 MP front camera.1080p HD video recording.Product Review and DescriptionThe Apple iPad is one of the most powerful devices available. It is made with high technology hardware and software, which gives a fantastic user experience. With sustainable battery life, you have more time to surf, stream videos, read, draw, share or do whatever else you want to between charges.This device is packed with power to use multiple applications simultaneously. It functions incredibly fast — the device function as a notepad, camera and everything in between. Using augmented reality one c, an also create floor plans. It is also functional with an Apple pencil. One can do all what a normal pencil pen and even so much more using it.The front and rear camera allow you to click gorgeous photos, capture memories, scan documents, do video calls and many more things. It can be connected to Bluetooth keyboards to experience even more easy usage. The most powerful technology is the one that everyone can use. This is the reason why Apple comes with many assisting features for vision, touch, hearing, and gestures.ProsApple’s powerful security.Colour variations available.Wi-Fi enabled.It multitasks easily.Powerful and efficient.Sleek and lightweight design.ConsiOS not flexible.Not pocket-friendly.Battery capacity lowers with use.Choose iPad if you like the clear picture, visuals, texts and easy navigation. The device does not drain a lot of battery. Just charge it once at night, and you are good to go for the next day. This is the device for you if you are in search of a proper functioning versatile machine. Buy it once, and you will surely not regret your decision.Buy Now From Amazon3. Amazon Fire HD 10 TabletAmazon’s Fire HD 10 Tablet as a very efficient and safe device for children as well as for adults. It’s HD display along with healthy battery life, and fantastic stereo speakers make it one of the best tool available at the given price in the market.Key Features8 GHz quad-core processor.It includes a battery life of up to 10 hours.This is First fire tablet with Alexa hands-free.It consists of dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos audio.Built-in microphone.VGA front-facing camera with 2MP rear-facing camera.720p HD video recording.1080p Full HD display.1920 × 1200 resolution.1-inch display size.Amazon Fire 5.3.4 OSProduct Review and DescriptionAmazon’s Fire HD 10 Tablet is one of the most versatile devices available in the market. It comes with a 1080p full HD display with which you can enjoy widescreen movies, videos and gaming. This has a fantastic LCD with less glare and more brightness. It is a high-speed and responsive device with a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor. The two 1.8 GHz and two 1.4 GHz cores run together, which gives smooth gaming and video experience. The tablet comes with a 32GB or 64GB internal storage which is expandable up to 256GB using a micro SD card.With the device, you get free unlimited access to Amazon cloud storage for all your Amazon content. With active battery life, you can take it with you wherever you go. Capture your life moments with the fantastic front and rear camera of the device. The device is compatible with every amazon echo devices. It provides easy access to video, music, audio books, game scores and many more things. It is a very efficient device and is worth the price.ProsCompatible with Alexa.Fast and responsive.Colour variations available.Easily connect to any Amazon Echo devices.ConsLow storage space.No 4G connectivity.Battery life decreases with use.The Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Tablet is on the go tablet for watching movies and streaming videos, especially when you are devoted to Amazon Prime. This tablet has prime video, but you can also use it for streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and many more.Buy Now From Amazon4. Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S4 with S PenThe Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S4 is an attempt to take the android tablets to the next level with 2-in-1 desktop-like software included in a pill. It comes with an S pen and large 10.5-inch display.Key Features5 inches display.Turn into PC with DeX.0 operating system.S pen included.Dolby Atmos audio.2560 x 1600 pixels screen resolution.35 GHz processor.Snapdragon 835 octa-core chipset.5 mm audio jack.8 MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera.Product Review and DescriptionThe Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S4 is aiming towards people who are looking for a device which is lighter than a PC or laptop it still has a keyboard and pen. It is available in two size variants: 64 GB and 256 GB which can be expanded up to 400 GB. The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S4 is a powerful media consumption device.It includes abundant productivity features. The tablet has a large 10.5-inch display and loudspeakers. It has a fantastic glass back design which is not slippery at all. It can be easily caught in one hand. The tablet has a four-speaker setup, two on the top and two on the bottom. The stereo sound system and AMOLED screen make it an interesting device to watch movies and videos.ProsDeX is excellent for multitasking.Facial and iris recognition.Easy to carry.4G enabled.ConsKeyboard design is not good.DeX mode is not touch-friendly.Battery life varies with useExplore, work and watch your favorite TV shows on the stunningly brilliant screen of Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S4. It is a fantastic combo of tablet cum PC. The device is neither a smartphone killer nor a laptop replacement, but it fits neatly between the two categories and fulfills all your entertainment needs.Buy Now From Amazon5. Fire HD 8 Tablet (8″ HD Display, 16 GB)Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Tablet is a highly efficient and versatile device. It is satisfactory for both children and adults. This can be used for gaming, video streaming, capturing moments, internet surfing and much more. It is easy to carry anywhere due to its compact design and durability.Key Features8-inch display.3 GHz quad-core processor.It contains up to 10 hours of battery life.Alexa hands-free enabled.2 MP front and 2 MP rear camera.1280 x 800 resolution.Fully charged under 6 hours.5mm stereo jack.Dolby audio.Vibrant HD display.Product Review and DescriptionAmazon’s Fire HD 8 Tablet is the excellent value for money, and nothing rivals them at this price for their sheer usability. It is available in two size variants of 16GB and 32GB. The tablet’s micro SD slot can be expandable up to 400GB in capacity. It also supports hands-free Alexa mode.The device has 1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT8163 CPU with 1.5GB of RAM powers the tablet. It is adequate with enough ability to play casual games and stream video at the screen’s native resolution. The 2MP front and rear camera improve the quality of your daily FaceTime with your distant friends and family.It is effortless to operate and carry wherever you go. It also includes show-mode, which is an excellent addition. The Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Tablet is the highly recommended device for tasks like reading, gaming, and watching videos.ProsBudget-friendly.Safe for children use.Colour variations available.Compatible with all Amazon Echo devices.ConsLow storage space.No 4G connectivity.Small display size.It runs slow.The Amazon Fire HD 8 offers extraordinary value for money. It is an excellent choice for those who want a basic tablet primarily for media consumption, video watching and reading. Everything you want to use this device to do is much more fun and less time-consuming. This is the device for you if you are looking for a tablet that is inexpensive and smart in terms of looks.Buy Now From Amazon6. Apple iPad MiniThe Apple iPad Mini is compact, yet one of the most powerful devices in the market. It works smoothly and has a fantastic multitasking experience.Key Features9-inch retina displaySupports Apple pencil10-hour battery life.A12 Bionic Chip.8 MP back camera and 7 MP HD front camera.Stereo speakersApple’s iOS 12 operating system1080p HD video recording2, a fantastic 6 resolution at 326 pixels per inch.Product Review and DescriptionThe 7.9 inch iPad Mini is incredibly ama, ing than ever. It has a beastly performance with a fulfilling display. This is a mini device which is accessible anywhere. It has a support to True Tone display which changes the screen tone depending on the environment. This is more relaxed and more comfortable in the eyes. This excellent device has a touch ID at the bottom. The touch ID is also the home button. IOS gestures can be used to navigate the operating system of the device. It has a fast and responsive fingerprint sensor.The device has an A12 Bionic processor, which is one of the fastest mobile processors available in the market. It gives a seamless, multitasking experience. The iOS runs buttery smooth, and one can run from one app to another app effortlessly. The device enables multitasking features like Split-View, Slide Over, and the ability to drag-and-drop files between two apps open next to each other.The device is compatible with Apple’s pencil that is great to have in drawing apps. The palm rejection technique frees you from the fear of activating the screen while bringing. The camera quality is outstanding with healthy battery life. Hence, use it to capture photos, videos and much more. It is a perfect handy device for entertainment on the go.ProsiOS securityCompatible with Bluetooth keyboardsEasy to operateGreat portabilityStrong performanceGreat screenGood battery lifeConsApple pencil sold separately.No Face ID unlockingiOS is not flexible.Not compatible with the smart keyboard.The device will thoroughly satisfy if you want it for reading, movie watching, video streaming, gaming, web surfing or anything in between. It is the best device for people looking for something small yet powerful.Buy Now From Amazon7. Lenovo Tab E 10 Android TabletThe Lenovo Tab E10 is a few of the most inexpensive 10-inch tablets available in the market. Considering its price, it offers an incredibly fantastic display and performance.Key Features1-inch display size.Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.HD displayDual front speakersDolby Atmos technology.5 MP rear camera.Snapdragon quad-core processor5 mm headphone jack.16:10 aspect ratio1280 × 800 pixels HD resolution.Product Review and DescriptionThe Lenovo Tab E 10 is a fun tablet designed for the people of all age groups. It is a thin and lightweight device. It has a well built plastic body; hence, it is effortless to carry. It delivers a surprisingly fantastic multimedia experience. It has an HD display and dual front speakers. The Lenovo E10 Tab has rich, powerful audio with Dolby Atmos technology. Whether you are listening using headphones or directly through the speakers, the sound will immerse you.The device comes in two size variants: 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal, and 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. It has an internal storage of 16 GB, or 32 GBhat can be expanded up to 128 GB using a micro SD card. Hence it allows you to fill enough of movies, videos and audio into the device and use it as entertainment on the go.The tablet allows every user to have their own tailored experience. Every user gets it’s a personal account with individualized settings, wallpaper, and social media reports. With this, parents can also have control over what their children do online.ProsWi-Fi enabled.Bluetooth enabled.Suitable for children.Easy to operate.Budget-friendlyConsLow storage space.No 4G connectivity.No colour variations available.Not a multitasking tablet.Lenovo E 10 is a suitable and budget-friendly device for you. It can be used flexibly for movie watching, video streaming, gaming and anything in between. The device will effortlessly fulfill your tablet need for essential entertainment requirements.Buy Now From Amazon8. Huawei MediaPad M5 TabletThe Huawei MediaPad M5 Tablet is an affordable device for entertainment on the go. It has a wide variety of features which will turn all your chores much more fun.Key Features4-inch display.Android 8.0 operating systemFlawless Hi-Res audio.Dual stereo speakers.359 PPI (2560 x 1600)2K high-res display.8 MP front and 13 MP rear camera.Runs on Android 8.0 Oreo.Product Review and DescriptionThe Huawei MediaPad M5 Tablet is a metal-bodied multimedia device. The tablets Aesthetic design is not just a pleasure to eyes but also comfortable to hold. It can pair with a keyboard for better multitasking experience. It is available in two size variants: 64 GB and 4 GB. While you are using the device for movie watching movie, Huawei ClariVu technology adjust the unclear frame for delivering a better viewing experience.The Huawei M5 tablet gives you a sound canvas with its 8.4-inch screen. It offers stable picture quality with excellent details. Its flawless Hi-Res audio provides fantastic quality audio. The dual stereo speakers deliver the paramount audio and video experience. It also supports high-quality earphones.The device has a smart power-saving mode which allows you to enjoy 1080p videos for up to 11 hours. It takes around two hours to get fully charged. The device is all for if you are looking for entertainment on the go.ProsWiFi-enabled.Sleek look.Quick charging and long-lasting.4G enabled.Decent performance.It has advanced fingerprint recognition.ConsCamera performance.Short battery life.Half baked software.Small screen size.The incredibly fantastic design of the Huawei Media Pad M5 Tablet allows you to take it anywhere either for work, entertainment and play. It is built mainly for entertainment purposes and is an excellent value for money.Buy Now From Amazon9. ASUS ZenPad Z301M-A2-GR TabletThe ASUS Zenpad delivers exceptional performance with its Hexa-core processor. It also has rapid fingerprint security and high capacity 5900mAh battery to keep the entertainment going.Key Features1 inches display.Android 10.0 Nougat operating system.Quad-Core 1.3 GHz, 64 bit MediaTek MTK 8163B processorAndroid 6.0 operating systemBlue light filter.1280 × 800 pixels max screen resolution.5M/2M Dual Camera.Product Review and DescriptionThe ASUS ZenPad Z301M-A2-GR Tablet has packed with a lot of splendid features. The device has a 10 inch IPS Display (1280 x 800). With ASUS TruVivid technology it provides excellent visual experience. It has a sleek aluminum finish and stylish design. With beautiful lines and unique design, ASUS ZenPad Z301M-A2-GR Tablet has a luxurious styling that fits any style.The device has the latest image processing technology, which delivers realistic images with excellent contrast. It utilizes each pixel to reveal the true beauty in your picture. It’s ambient sensor together with Tru2life technology, adjust the brightness and overall look of the display to fit different lighting conditions. It provides a more precise viewing experience, even in bright sunlight.It has HDR Mode, Low Light Mode, Zero Shutter Lag, Beautification Mode, 140-Degree Panoramic Selfie Mode, and more to capture the best of your memories. The low light mode captures up to 400% brighter photos at night, or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. The Blue light filter helps prevent eye fatigue and provides a comfortable viewing experience by minimizing the blue light emission.ProsWi-Fi enabled.DurableSleek design.Children-friendly device.ConsIt does not have Bluetooth connectivity.It has a Hexa-core processor.Battery capacity decreases with use.The ASUS ZenPad Z301M-Hexa-corelet is a handy device easy to carry and use wherever you want. Be it watching movies, Streaming videos, gaming and anything in between it will satisfy all your needs incredibly. The device is perfect for entertainment and productivity on the go.Buy Now From Amazon10. HTC Google Nexus 9 tabletHTC Google Nexus 9 tablet is easy to operate and smooth working devices from HTC. It effortlessly fulfills the basic tablet needs of the user with its amazing features.Key Features9-inch screenAndroid 5.0 Lollipop operating system.LCD4:3 aspect ratio8 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front camera3 GHz CPUDual front speakers with HTC Boom sound5 mm audioUp to 15-hour battery lifeProduct Review and DescriptionThe HTC Google Nexus 9 tablet is a smart-looking device made with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 3. The soft grip and subtle curves of the device make it easy to handle. The device 2.3 GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor. It has a 2 GB RAM. This device has a 6700mAh battery and runs Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.It has an inbuilt storage of 32 GB. It also has an incredible 8 MP pixel rare camera for capturing images and videos. The 1.3 MP front camera is fantastic for Face Timing, distant friends and family. The dual front-facing speakers with HTC boom sound provides a luxurious quality and loud audio. The music you hear is much more immersive and distortion-free.ProsThe device has 4G connectivity.Wi-Fi enabledLight and comfortable to use.Good at multitaskingDurable and sturdyConsBattery life lowers with use.Does not have an SD card slotDisplay qualityBuy Now From AmazonThe HTC Google Nexus 9 Tablet a fantastic device for watching all type of media including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and much more. Watch movies, stream videos, play games effortless using this incredible device.While movie theaters are always lovely to visit, but you cannot carry them everywhere you go. So to bring entertainment everywhere with you, these tablets can be the best option. Whether you are watching old favorites or new releases, these tablets will always have your back.

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