Helium 10 Coupon 2021 Discount Code [March 50% Offer]

Helium 10 has gained popularity among the Amazon sellers and internet enthusiasts. The company is offering a good discount on its tools and packs. In this article, we will let you know all about Helium 10 discount. Along with that, we will give a brief intro about the tools that Helium offers. SB80HELIUM – 50% OFF FOR THE FIRST MONTH ONLY  SB10HELIUM – 10% OFF EVERY MONTH AND ALSO VALID FOR ANNUAL PLANS  HELIUM50SB – 50% OFF FOR THE FIRST MONTH ONLY Click to Apply Coupon Code – 50% OFFHelium 10 – What it’s about?In the e-commerce world, you have to face several challenges and solve those before you could reap benefits and profits. If you are an Amazon seller, you need tools which tell you about Keywords, SEO, competition, product ideas, market trend, among other things.Helium 10 is essentially a product research and SEO software which contains 12 tools that help the sellers in making the selling of products easy. We will give a brief intro about each tool in the latter part of this article. It is specially designed for sellers that are looking to grow their FBA business. It has a clean interface, easy to use tools, which make selling on Amazon a considerably easy task.Must Read: Jungle Scout vs Viral LaunchTop 10 Best Helium Tools for Amazon Sellers:Here we have named each tool along with the features that they offer-1. Refund GenieThis tool allows you to keep a track of all the items that are broken or dropped by Amazon. You owe a refund or compensation for such items and manually keeping a record of them is tough. This tool compiles all the FBA reimbursement reports and sends them to Amazon. So essentially you don’t have to spend time on creating reports and sending to Amazon as this tool will do all your duty. You can focus on growing your business exponentially.2. Magnet Keyword ResearchKeywords are necessary for a seller on Amazon. Its relevance and importance cannot be underestimated. This tool provides you the best keywords which are having high volume. You can maximize organic traffic by such keywords that will skyrocket your sales. Filters such as word count, search volume, number of competing products, etc are used to further enhance the search results. You just need to enter a seed keyword and a whole list of relevant alternatives would arrive in front of you.3. FrankensteinAfter getting a large number of keywords, you need to use those which actually have the relevance and can give you good results. This tool reviews words that might be repeating, combines keywords in a cohesive way, runs de-duplication filters, removes unwanted characters and words and then processes huge list of keywords that are perfect for your products page and back end keywords.4. ScribblesAfter getting the keywords you need to optimize the list with the most profitable back and front end keywords. This tool ensures that you don’t miss or skip valuable keywords and presents to you ultra optimized titles, bullet points, a description that will ensure that your keywords are put into the best use possible. So essentially after getting good keywords from Frankenstein, you get them in your listing titles, bullet points, and description so that the best use of those keywords can be done.5. 5K CheckerHaving a good keyword wouldn’t work if it isn’t indexed by Amazon. So you need a tool that helps you find out which keywords are actually indexed. It takes hours of work to check this; however, with this Index checker, known as 5K Checker, you can do so in just 30 seconds or less. You can also see what your competitor’s keywords are ranked for if you enter their ASIN number.6. Black BoxSelling online is profitable only when you find the right product. Otherwise, you may have several of them and if none of them is actually in demand, your investment you be wasted. Searching for the right product is a tedious task and you have to go through hours of research, reviewing the desired product, etc. Black Box is a tool which gives you the right picture with regards to the products in demand and saves your precious time.You can search for the products on the basis of filters such as monthly sales figure, pricing, sizing, images, sales trend, review count, among other things. So this tool will essentially provide you with all the products that are worth it along with the stats and details about why they are worth it.7. Keyword TrackersYour job doesn’t end once you have found good keywords and used them in your listings. After doing so, you need to track the keywords too. This tool allows you to monitor the changes in your optimization.8. Hijacker AlertYou can get SMS and email updates as soon as someone is attempting to steal or hijack your buy box. Constant monitoring allows you to be armed when a risk is detected. Alerts would help you in reporting the hijacker to Amazon so that they can take necessary actions. You can also prevent the sales of fraudulent products that may cut into your profits.9. TrendsterThis tool helps in finding the trend of sales over a period of a year. You can quickly analyse the products and their seasonality.     This would help you in making strategies and expand your business.10. Inventory ProtectorAll sellers resort to coupons and discount for increasing the sales and enhance traffic. However, you need to avoid the risk of one person buying out the entire inventory of your product. You need to set a limit on the number of product a single buyer could get. This tool helps you in setting the max limit that a buyer could have on a product. It would prevent abuse of discount and coupons.11. CerebroBy entering your competitor’s ASIN number you can get several cerebro keyword suggestions. This tool is a reverse ASIN lookup tool which provides the most accurate data.Helium 10 Coupon Code & Discount 2021:Now, we have come to the last part of this article. We will tell about all the discount codes and schemes that you could use to avail a good discount and save a good amount of money.Click to Apply Coupon Code – 50% OFFSteps to claim Helium Coupon:Step 1: First of all, go to Helium official website and sign up for Helium 10 account. You can click on this link for signing up.Step 2: After this, just go to Plan Details option. It is located on the upper right corner of the screen.Step 3: Now you just need to enter the coupon codes. There are several of them such as FUN10HELIUM which provides 50% off your first month. Helium provides coupon codes regularly and you can keep a check on their website for the same.Step 4: Apart from the coupon code, you can opt for a free trial of Helium 10 as well. This plan gives you access to most features for a limited time.So this is all from our side. We hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.Must Check: Jungle Scout Coupon Code Helium 10 $197/MoSummaryHelium 10 Coupon code helps you to save more then 50% off on yearly plans & $50 on monthly plans. We suggest you to use our excusive discount to save $$.ProsBest Alternative for Jungle ScoutBonus Worth $997 ProductsAccurate & BestExcellent Customer SupportConsPricing starts from $97 ( Excluding discount)Need Guidance while using 1st time.User Review 4.6 (5 votes)
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