Live Cricket Streaming Websites & Apps (2021)

Cricket is one of the games which has cast its spell on the whole world currently. Earlier the game used to be a choice of only Commonwealth countries, however now it has become a sport which is practiced even in countries such as Afghanistan, Ireland, Hong Kong, among others.Cricket fans could be separated into groups; Indians and Non-Indians.The population of 1.3 Billion people is the primary reason behind this. Every child and each street marks the presence of cricket enthusiasts. This is the reason why the Indian Cricket team has got the best cricket players. Indian team supporters or fans of Men in Blue can be found in every stadium where a match is going on.Just a few days ago, the cricket match between Indian and Pakistan was witnessed in India by more Indian supporters than Pakistan. Indian cricket team supporters went as far as England to watch the match. It is obvious that one may not be able to watch a cricket match live in the stadium. There are times when TV sets are not accessible too.It is at these times we require the help of Live sports Streaming Websites. In this article, we are going to list down some of the cricket streaming websites which you should search for and subscribe to if you are a cricket enthusiast-List of 5 Free : Live Cricket Streaming SitesWe listed 5 websites that allows you to Stream Cricket for free online. Most of sites we listed below are legal & safe to use.HotstarIf you are in a country such as India at present times, you might already be aware of it. From College students who haven’t got TV sets in their rooms, to employees, everyone uses it. One visit to the website would tell you that it isn’t just a streaming website and varied content such as Match Highlights, Super 6s, Fall of wickets, Popular in cricket, etc are also provided it.The scores of the match could be seen Live on the website and you can also view stats of any previous match.Hotstar App gets insanely famous when Indian Premier League or IPL goes on. However the downside of Hotstar is that it is available only in three countries, India, US, and Canada with the latter 2 accessible through, and SportsA search on the internet about Best Cricket Streaming website would land you up on this website. You can avail the trial or opt for a premium version for watching live cricket matches. It comes under the huge star network and even Hotstar is owned by Star Venture.Millions of people log into the site for watching matches and there are additional features such as statistic and data related to the match, expert commentary, match predictions, among other things.It is must have if you are willing to watch the live stream of important matches.Sky Sports If there are some players in the market that need no introduction, then Sky Sports is one of them. Owing to extensive work done by it in the world of sport, every one of them could be watched on its platformFor Cricket, you can go to the website or download the app and watch live matches. Furthermore, the option of reading live commentary, match fixtures, scorecard among other things is available.If you wish to watch daily matches then a premium subscription is must so that unrestricted amount of matches and sports could be seenWillow TVIf you are a real cricket enthusiast from the US, there’s no way that you have not heard about Willow TV.Willow is the only 24*7 cricket channel in the USA and has broadcasting rights for cricket matches such as IPL, ICC matches, and matches of several other boards such as India, Zimbabwe, West Indies among others.There is a subscription fee which needs to be paid and after that one could enjoy the live stream of several cricket matches. And Willow TV is best alternative for Firstrowsports & Stream2watch Websites.BCCI TVBCCI stands for the board of control for cricket in India. The authority regulates cricket in India and its official website caters to the cricket enthusiasts by live streaming all cricket matches which Indian National Team ( US users)You can use Live T.V Streaming service to watch Live cricket online. But this is only for users who are in United States. If you don’t have paid subscription you can always sign up for free trail.If you looking to purchase subscription, I suggest you to read my review.Whether it is a match played in Australia or Zimbabwe, you would find an uninterrupted stream of the matches.Furthermore, you can view the live score of games and keep yourself updated.So this is all from our side, we hope you find this article helpful.

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Updated: March 31, 2021 — 4:03 am

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