How to Stream Showbox on Nintendo Wii (Workable Method)

Nintendo Wii is yet another video game console with which you can not only play video games but also stream online videos. Showbox is one amongst the huge number of video streaming apps available in the store and it can be accessed on multiple devices including Nintendo Wii. With the Showbox application, you can let enjoy streaming your favourite tv shows and movies at zero cost. It is a subscription free streaming app that works the best-in-class when you wanted to get rid of the expensive cable tv connection. With Showbox for Nintendo Wii, you can choose to stream from different categories or genres. It works both online and offline and you may therefore stream as well as download the videos. All the videos are of high-quality by default and you can select any desired quality based on your preference. The database of the Showbox app will be updated on a regular basis and you will find streams of any kind. Get to know the steps to install Showbox for Wii to get unlimited streaming experience.

Showbox for Nintendo Wii
Showbox for Nintendo Wii

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How to Install Showbox for Nintendo Wii

You can use the Nintendo Wii to stream video contents apart from playing the games. Get to know the steps to download and install Showbox for Nintendo Wii.

Step 1: Turn on the Nintendo Wii and go to its home screen.

Step 2: Click on the Wii Shop Channel and wait for it to get loaded.

Step 3: You have to click on the Start option and choose Start Shopping option that is available on the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Choose Wii Channel option that is present on the top right of the Nintendo Wii.

Step 5: You should now locate and choose Showbox app.

Step 6: Select Download: 0 Wii Points or Free: 0 Wii Points on the Details screen.

Step 7: Choose Wii System Memory on the Download Location screen.

Step 8: Click on OK button on the Selection Confirmation screen.

Step 9: Again click on OK button on the Download Confirmation screen.

Step 10: You should wait for the download to complete. With this, click on OK button.

Step 11: You need to select Wii Menu that is available on the bottom left.

Step 12: Now, you can run the Showbox app to stream you favourite shows and movies.

Hope the article about Showbox for Nintendo Wii has given useful information. Comment us when in case of any queries.

Showbox also supports on Firestick, Nexus Player, Chromebook

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