Possible fixes on Showbox Not Loading issue [Quick Solution]

Showbox is rated as the best and most affordable online movie streaming app to watch your favourite movies, tv shows, series, and anything more. You can stay tuned with the biggest movies and video collection without any fee, contracts, or subscription. With Showbox app, you can stream high-quality video contents on the go with the internet connection for free. As Showbox is available as a third-party app, it might sometimes fails to load or work. So you may face Showbox not loading issue while streaming your favourite videos. In such a case, it needs to be fixed up as to stream for an unlimited time.

Showbox Not Loading
Showbox Not Loading

As with the Showbox not loading issue, the video which you are about to stream will start buffering and you may find difficulty in streaming. The video will start to flitter or loads for an infinite time and it will be the worst case scenario of this issue. You will also face complexities while selecting the video quality to stream or download. If you wanted to stream Showbox movies and shows for an unlimited time, then it is vital to fix Showbox not loading issue. You may find out the possible fixes for Showbox not loading issue right from this article.

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Fix Showbox Not Loading Issue

When you get Showbox not loading issue, then it may be due to various reasons. It is important to fix up this issue irrespective of the cause as to stream videos for an unlimited time. Get to know the cause and the possible fix for Showbox not loading error from below.

Cause 1: When the internet or Wifi connection isn’t stable on the Showbox app installed device, then you will get Showbox not loading issue.

Possible Fix: Check if your device is connected to the internet. If you try loading the Showbox videos without the internet connection, then you will get loading issue. So make sure your device has an active internet or Wifi connection.

Cause 2: When the cache memory and data is full, then you may at times face Showbox not loading issue.

Possible Fix: In such a case, you should clear the cache memory and data of the Showbox app. To do so, you have to go to device Settings > choose Apps > click on Showbox app. Just tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data option. It would resolve the loading issue of Showbox app.

Click Clear Cache & Clear Data
Click Clear Cache & Clear Data

Cause 3: You may face Showbox loading issue upon accessing the
restricted videos.

Possible Fix: As to get rid of loading issue with Showbox application, you should try installing a VPN app on you device. With a VPN, your online identity will be hidden and thus you can access the geo-restricted video streams that are available on Showbox app.

Cause 4: The older version of Showbox app would sometimes bring Showbox not loading issue.

Possible Fix: You should first uninstall the Showbox app and then try installing the latest version. With this, any issues regarding the Showbox not loading issue will be resolved.

Click Uninstall
Click Uninstall

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Cause 5: Showbox not loading issue occur whenever the server fails to work.

Possible Fix: You should go for the soft reset and Showbox will work fine. To disable Showbox app, you should go to Settings > click on Apps > select Showbox > click on Force Stop > and click Disable.

Click Force Stop
Click Force Stop

In most case, Showbox not Loading issue can be better resolved with any of the possible fixes.

We hope the article has given you the possible Showbox Not Loading issue and fixes. Comment for any queries.

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