Install Showbox on PS4 and PS3 – Stream Showbox Movies for Free

Install Showbox on PS4 and PS3: Showbox is the high-quality video streaming and downloading the app, which is used by a vast number of people all over the world. The Showbox provides you with the better options to download the video files. Showbox has the frequent update of its content So that you never miss the updates regarding the content. You can access the content quickly without any hassle. The Showbox keeps track of your usage and provides you with the recommendations based on the content you view on the Showbox for Kindle Fire. The Streaming speed of the Showbox is very high, and you can even stream the content at different resolutions based on the internet speeds. The Showbox can be accessed through the PS4. You all know that the PS4 is used for gaming purposes, but you can play whatever the video content you wish with the Showbox.

How to Stream Showbox on PS4 and PS3

You can stream your content in the Showbox through the PS4 at high speeds. You can enjoy watching your favorite shows on a bigger screen with the help of PS4. The steps to use the Showbox on the PS4 are given below.

Before streaming Showbox movies on PS4/PS3, make sure to connect your Android device and PlayStation console to the same network. Now connect the console to the TV using HDMI cable.

Step 1: Just download the Showbox Apk on your Android device.

Step 2: On the home screen of the Showbox, you can access the all the trending topics of movies and the TV shows.

Step 3: You can stream the movies quickly by tapping the Menu and then films. You can do the same to stream the TV shows by getting into the TV shows option.

Showbox for PS4
Showbox for PS4

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Step 4: Now select the movie category and then tap on the movie you wish to stream

Step 5: Once you have chosen the film, then you will be directed to the movie info page.

Step 6: In that page, you can stream or even download the movie. Now just tap the three dots which is next to the video resolution formats and then select the resolution in which you wish to play the video.

Step 7: Now you can select the player option and then select the Other Player and then close the Pop-up window.

Showbox for PS4
Showbox for PS3

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Step 8: Then select the video resolution you wish to play and then tap the watch button.

Step 9: Now you can choose the Video player, then select the PlayStation device that connected to the same network.

Step 10: You can control the playback by selecting the Stream to play, pause, stop and many more.

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