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ShowBox Apk for Android: ShowBox Apk is the highly featured video streaming application, which allows you to stream the videos easily. The ShowBox has a lot of options for streaming the content So that you can watch your favorite shows in a variety of forms. ShowBox Apk provides you with the latest movie collections So that you can enjoy watching new movies. It also provides you with the option of accessing the TV shows, and you can watch almost any TV shows without any hassle. The interface of the ShowBox for Android is straightforward so that anyone can handle the application without facing much trouble. The video quality rendered by the ShowBox application is tremendously higher than other similar video streaming apps. You can also have a better streaming capacity with this application, and you can enjoy watching your favorite movies without any buffers. The app interface enables you to change the quality of the video stream at any time you want, and Showbox Android Apk allows you to access the video file even when the bandwidth is low.

ShowBox Apk
ShowBox Apk

ShowBox Apk has the massive collection of movies and TV Shows so that you never miss any of the favorite shows anymore. The app interface allows you to choose among different video resolutions for streaming so that you can stream the video based on your data speed. You can even select the media player you wish to play the video. Showbox Apk for Android has the option for you to download the movie contents at different resolutions, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies even when you are offline. The app interface is growing rapidly, which provides you with plenty of options for movie streaming.

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Features of ShowBox Apk for Android

The Showbox Apk for Android has plenty of features for entertaining. Before downloading the ShowBox for Android just check out the features of this application.

  • ShowBox has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows for you to choose. You can access almost any movie or TV Show with the ShowBox Apk Download.
  • ShowBox App has the dedicated search option, which lets you search for the movies and you can even sort out them to find your favorite one.
  • You can change the quality of the video at any time while streaming or even before downloading the video.
  • The video rendered by the ShowBox is very high in quality, you can watch your favorite contents with high definition and with crystal clear details.
  • ShowBox for Android gets frequent updates with the movies and TV shows, which enables you to access the latest contents in no time.
  • ShowBox Apk provides you with a lot of contents including Movies, Trailers, Documentaries, TV Shows and much more in High Definition quality with the very low buffering rate.
  • The app interface provides you with a lot of options for choosing the movies, in which you can filter the film based on the IMDB ratings, genres, and also with the release date. It saves your time a lot in searching for the content manually.
  • Showbox Android Apk is equipped with excellent playback tools which allows you to play, pause, fast forward, stop and rewind the movie while streaming. You will never miss a single sequence of clip anymore.
  • The application is very lightweight and requires very less space on your mobile device.
  • The interface of the ShowBox is very clean and elegant which gives you the necessary tools for handling the video files.
  • ShowBox Apk Android is incredibly smoother than its competitive video streaming applications So that you can access the video contents much faster than ever.
  • ShowBox is available for all types of platforms like Windows, iOS, Blackberry, Tizen, etc.

Specifications of ShowBox for Android

ShowBox Specifications for Android is given below

Developer: Showbox
Release Date: June 19, 2017
Category: Video Streaming
Supported Operating Systems: Android
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

How to download ShowBox Apk On Android

Downloading the ShowBox Apk for Android is a straightforward one. The steps to download Showbox Apk is given below.

Step 1: Download the latest version of ShowBox Apk file.

Step 2: Run the downloaded installer file.

Step 3: Go through the on-screen instructions and wait for the ShowBox app to get installed on your Android device.

Step 4: After the installation, launch the app by just tapping the Open icon.

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ShowBox is also available for

ShowBox is a powerful application, which enables you to stream almost any favorite movie to your device. It is also available for various devices, which provides you with the better flexibility over the devices. ShowBox is available for the following devices.

How to use ShowBox On Android

Using the Showbox for Android is a very simple one because it has a clean and elegant interface. You can use Showbox Apk Android without any hassle. The interface has a lot of options to choose for enhancing the video streaming performance, and those can be learned quickly, once you use the application, Anyhow, the steps for using the Showbox Apk are listed below.

Step 1: When you open the ShowBox Apk for the first time, the application will ask you to log in.

Step 2: Just provide the required details for logging in to the ShowBox.

Step 3: In the home screen of the application you can get access to the contents, On the top left corner of the screen, you can access the menu options, there you can select from the categories including Movies, Trending, TV Shows, Trailers, Download, Favourites and New Release. By tapping the appropriate groups, you will be directed to the window.

How to use ShowBox On Android
How to use ShowBox On Android

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Step 4: Just tap the movie you wish to play and then choose the video streaming quality by tapping on the resolution option on the bottom right of the window.

How to use ShowBox On Android
How to use ShowBox On Android

Step 5: Then tap the play now then the new window pop-ups and shows the details of the movie and the Video player in which the movie will be played. You can even change the video player by tapping on the player option.

Alternatives to ShowBox

ShowBox is the highly featured video streaming application, and it has an enormous amount of contents available. The application is very smooth and easy to use than the other video streaming apps. It has some unique features, which are not available in the other apps. There are some alternatives to the ShowBox application which are listed below.

MovieBox: MovieBox is the movie streaming application, which provides you with the high-quality movie contents. You can use the MovieBox instead of the ShowBox Apk for streaming your movies.

MegaBox: MegaBox as its name indicates the app has a vast number of contents to a stream. You can enjoy streaming the high-quality video contents in no time. The app interface allows you to access almost any movie, and you can use the Megabox to replace the ShowBox Apk Download.

HBO Now: HBO Now is the feature-rich application, in which you can stream your favorite movies without any lag. The HBO Now provides you with the buffer free video streaming, But the contents provided by the HBO Now is limited, and you can mainly access the content based on its channel.

Popcorn Time: Popcorn Time is another alternative to ShowBox Apk for Android. It provides you with the movies with decent quality. You can use this application, whenever you are facing trouble with the ShowBox Android Apk.

ShowBox Apk Review

ShowBox is the excellent app for streaming and downloading almost any movie and TV shows. The app interface is simple and elegant, which provides you with an enormous amount of options for streaming and downloading the video contents. You can get most out of the ShowBox Apk as it has plenty of options to do. It is the best and lightweight app which is suitable for any android devices.

Rating: 3.5/5

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