Showbox for Xbox One/ Xbox 360 – Install and Stream Showbox on Xbox

Showbox on Xbox One/ Xbox 360: Showbox is the most dominant Android application, which provides you with a lot of options for streaming the video to your device. Showbox allows you to watch the TV shows for free on your Android devices. You can use the Showbox to stream your favorite video content to your Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is the home-based video game console which is designed and developed by the Microsoft company for all the users. You can even use the Showbox app on your Xbox one without any hassle. You can stream all your preferred video and other preferred contents of the Showbox on the Xbox 360 for free of cost. It is one of the best streaming applications available for the users to stream the required content in no time. You can watch all your desired movies, TV shows, and a lot more things through the Showbox in high quality. The Showbox not only allows you to stream the contents through the Xbox, but you can even stream on different devices like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV and many more.

Showbox for Xbox One/ Xbox 360
Showbox for Xbox One/ Xbox 360

Showbox Update provides you with a wide range of contents to stream across your device. You can also find some cartoons and other animated series So that you can entertain the kids in no time. The content provided by the Showbox are much high in quality when compared. You can use the Showbox on various streaming devices like DLNA devices, Apple TV, Nexus Player, Xbox One, Sonos, Xbox 360 and Smart TV. Showbox is the legal mobile app which is available for all the mobile users in the market. The users can watch unlimited TV shows, Movies, and a lot through the Showbox. The app interface is much easy to use and provides you with the excellent options for streaming the video contents. It also helps you to download the files. The downloading speed of the data in the Showbox is much faster. You can use any video files, which is available in the Showbox app.

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Stream Showbox to Xbox 360 or Xbox One

Just follow the steps given below to stream your favorite contents through the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Step 1: Before initiating the streaming on your Xbox, just check whether the Play To feature is turned on on your Xbox.

Step 2: Then you can connect the Xbox and the Android smartphone on the same network.

Step 3: Then just install the LocalCast or Allcast application (both works similar) on your Android device.

Step 4: After the installation just searches for the Xbox which is connected to your network.

Step 5: Now open the Showbox app, then tap on any Movie or even any TV shows then select the other player options

Step 6: Then open with the Localcast.

Step 7: If you cannot find the Xbox just change the Discovery settings and then select the “DLNA Renderers.”

Step 8: Then tap on the “Restart WiFi.”

Step 9: Now you can select the desired Xbox and then initiate the connection.

Step 10: Then you can see the streaming on the display of your Xbox connected TV screen and then you can quickly control media button available on your device.

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